Thursday, 21 February 2013

Sarai weekend recount

On Saturday morning I went to Brooklyn’s birthday party her dad picked me up at 9:00.We went to parakai pools
when I first saw the pool I quickly ran and jump in the there.There were so much people there so I went on the
slide I really don’t like the slide because there’s too much steps I came off the slide because it was time for a feed there was lots of food. I had potato salad and 2 sausages it was very yummy and I had a great time there.


  1. Hi sarai Your weekend recount was nice I like it that was a nice weekend I wish I had a good weekend like you from Ngairie.

  2. hi sarai I love your pitchture of your cake.Love from ANTONIA.

  3. Hi Sarai,

    What a neat looking cake! It seems like you had a BLAST at the party!



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