Sunday, 28 April 2013

I miss you all !!!!!

I really miss you guys!!!!!!


  1. Hi Sarai,

    We miss you so much! It will be very weird on Monday morning when school starts and you are not there. But on the bright side you will have a new school and new friends.

    When you have a the chance send us few photos of you in Australia.

    Take care,

    Miss Ouano :)

  2. Thanks Sarai for all the love you've gave to point england school we wish we could be with you too.

    From Tylah

  3. Hi Sarai,

    Awwww Sarai, I miss you too! I really like what you wrote because it was from the heart. I will always remember your different facial expressions and that everyone liked being your friend because of your good-nature and your fun and easy going personality.

    I hope that you will join a sports team at your new school and tell us all about it. Just remember to be yourself and to 'strive to succeed'.

    Alofa atu,
    Miss Va'afusuaga :)

  4. Malo lava Sarai
    I miss you heeeeeeeps because of your good humour, kindness to others and your beautiful smile. I hope you really enjoy your new school and I know you will surprise them with your sneaky speed and sporting ability!

    Have a great term.
    Big Alofas
    Mr Burt

  5. Hi sarai we miss you so much it's not the same without you i with i can see you a give . I know we were going to make a movie but i get a broken hand i'm so sorry sarai but hey at least we were in the same Riverside team

  6. Dear Sarai I really love your hearts and I know you miss us and love us.

    LOVE Izac

    1. Hi Sarai I really like your blog

      from Trinity

  7. Hi Sarai

    I miss you to i wish you were still here it would be fun if you were here D':


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