Wednesday, 13 March 2013


I woke up at 6am today  because I thought I was late.When I got to school I felt so excited Miss Garden said” are you in Synergy and I said” yes why? because you need to hurry and put your togs on for kayaking".

We walked down to the beach I told my friend that I have never been Kayaking before and she said "I haven't either".Our principle Mr Burt told us to put our bags on the chairs and come and sit down so he could tell us what to do.I went on a double with my friend Tevita. 

It was so much fun we went out far.
Then we came back in to give other people a turn.I asked Miss Va‘afusuaga if we could go swimming and she said yes.We walked back to school to get changed and have lunch.   

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  1. Great paragraph sarai sounded like a good time camp


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