Thursday, 21 March 2013


On Wednesday the 13 of March  I was so excited for camp
that I  rush in the hall to see if any of my classmates were there. My friend Melaia was there but she was the only one. We played tiggie but we stop because the teacher
came in and we sat down on the chairs.

Miss Garden said to me to call all the people that are in Synergy and tell them to get change for kayaking and I did but I went to get in to my togs first and then I went to tell them.There wasn’t that much people from Synergy maybe because they turn up late.We sat in our lines and waited till Mrs Va’afusuaga said for us to stand up and walk outside and walk down to the beach.

I saw Mr Burt there and he said “go and put your bag on the chair and come and sit down so I can tell you what to do. I laugh because Mr Burt said” when you get in the kayak you always put your foot bum foot all else you might fall out.Mr Burt said” do you see those red thinks they are called a bouy and there is a nother on but thats green.

This year camp was really fun for me because we got to go to mangere pools and play cool games.I wish room 14 can go camp again.I’m really happy that went to camp at first I felt scared but now I feel so happy. 


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